Wil Treasure Showreel

The voice and producer behind Factor Two is Wil Treasure, a climber, writer, and audio storyteller. He’s interested in sound design for storytelling and understanding characters and motivation. Here are a few examples of his work.

Wil Treasure in his favourite place – on top of the cliffs at St Govan’s in Pembrokeshire.

Factor Two

If you’re here you’ve probably already got the idea – but if not, this is 15 minutes of clips from Factor Two, a podcast which takes a tangential view of the climbing world through powerful first person stories, documentaries and audio essays.

A showreel of the best of Factor Two.

Granny’s Education

Granny (Dr Sybil Treasure) is a bit of a force of nature, as anyone who has been granted an audience with her will attest. The story of how she went from greengrocer’s daughter in the south Wales valleys to a GP, magistrate, and Soroptimist, is an interesting one. She told me the story of how she came to gain a place at medical school, which I turned into this series of shorts for Twitter on International Women’s Day.

Other Writing