University of Nottingham Climbing Club Journals

I went to the University of Nottingham. While I was there, I was President of the Mountaineering Club and I also edited two editions of the Journal, which has been published since 1961.

The old journals have a wealth of information in them, and such literary greats as Pete Boardman! The style has changed a lot over the years. New routes are fewer, and they’ve become less of a record of the club’s activities and more a collection of shared experiences. The club has been known by various names over the years, and there is an element of Trigger’s Broom about it.

While I was there it was, strictly speaking, the University of Nottingham Union Mountaineering Club. Why the “Union” appeared is a bit of a mystery. The club is currently known as the University of Nottingham Climbing Club, a change forced by the Athletics Union at the university, but a conversation that was being had within the club in light of the changing nature of climbing and climbers.

You can see an incomplete PDF collection of the journals here. I hope to complete it at some point. Ironically, the missing ones include editions I edited. If you have any of the missing journals, please get in touch and I can add them to the collection.

You can find the club’s current activities on their Facebook page.