Intellectual Property

The copyright to this site, it’s writings and episodes of Factor Two all belongs to Wil Treasure.

Photographs are credited and permission to reproduce them should be asked from the copyright holder – we can put you in touch with them if required.

Using Factor Two in your own work

Drop us an email to request permission.

In general, we’re happy for you to use short, credited clips from the episodes when it’s relevant to your work, and we’re happy to give written permission for this. If you need a higher quality audio file, background noise removed or to use longer clips please get in touch, and we should be able to supply what you need. There’s also a lot of audio which doesn’t make the cut for episodes – some of this will be released in the future, but if you’re curious and ask the right question you might find a gem.

There are various tools you can use to grab clips that you can share on social media – you don’t need our permission to do this, share away! It’s useful to us if you can tag us in any posts as part of the credit.

Embedding episodes in your own website

You’re welcome to do this as long as the embed links directly to the original mp3 file. This is really no different to how podcast players work. How you do this will depend on your website hosting. Some will allow you to do it with the mp3 link (which you can find on the episode page) or the RSS feed –

There are also free embedding tools you can use. I like this one from Radiopublic – you can choose an “Embed” option in the sharing menu.


You’re welcome to use our artwork to promote the show. Here is a collection of web-ready images you can use. If you need something different, please get in touch.