Ideas That Changed Climbing – a new podcast from Factor Two

Ideas That Changed Climbing takes a look at the history and future of climbing, one idea at a time.

Coming Soon

At Factor Two we’ve told stories about grief and joy, speed records and rescues, identity and losing yourself, but something was missing.

We decided to go back to basics to find it with our new series.

In Ideas That Changed Climbing we’re telling the story of how climbing became the sport it is today, one idea at a time.

Sponsor a piece of Climbing History

We’re currently looking for sponsors who can help us to make this series everything it should be.

Our first series will tackle ideas like the rise of Alpine Style climbing in the Himalaya, how sticky rubber changed the game in the 1980s and how portaledges opened the door to ascents of the most spectacular rockfaces in the world.

It’s our aim that we create stories that people will still be returning to in a generation.  We want to document the changing landscape of our sport and the social history attached to it.

Something Special

This audio-led series documents the innovations and the innovators of the climbing world. 

Through powerful, crafted storytelling and interviews with the key players we’re going to tell the history of how climbing became the sport it is today, one idea at a time.

This is long-form storytelling of a type that the climbing world hasn’t seen before — a sound and character-rich series, accompanied by iconic artwork, articles and historical photographs, produced by Wil Treasure from the highly rated Factor Two podcast.

We’re putting together something special. 

Are you going to be a part of it?