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Kumbi Kariwo Interview

After my blogpost last year I had lots of people get in touch. Most said they empathised with what I’d written, but Kumbi Kariwo told me that she was slightly troubled by it. I asked her if she’d like to help me to understand why that was. This episode is split into two parts.

Finding the Balance – Katherine Schirrmacher

I’ve read Katherine Schirrmacher’s blog for years, and she’s unusually good at expressing all of those little things that can affect your motivation or self belief. In this episode she talks about finding the balance

Podcast Awards nomination for Factor Two

Factor Two has been shortlisted in the Publisher Podcast Awards along with the likes of The Telegraph, New Scientist, The Big Issue, Penguin Random House and more. How cool is that? Our entry included...

Should we score climbing comps like Eurovision?

In this post I talk about how distorted the Olympic Combined format is, it’ll be followed up with an interview with the head routesetter for bouldering Percy Bishton. If you can’t wait for more Factor...

When to walk away?

Climbing is full of stories of the siege. Sometimes it’s a positive kind of mania, like Mark Leach on Cry Freedom. Sometimes it’s a standard-pushing necessity, like Steve McClure on Rainman, or Chris Sharma on Realisation. Sometimes...

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