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Pete Oxley is one of those strange, but valuable creatures – the obsessive new route pioneer.
In this episode we explore his motivations and inspirations for what he views as a creative endeavour.

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Best of 2022

I had a bumper year of adventures in 2022, which goes some way to explaining the lack of “content” recently. Here are a few snaps from the best of them. I’ll get around to...

A Grand Day Out

This piece was published in Climber Magazine in 2016. We talk about a golden age of climbing as something passed. The big first ascents, standards being defined, precedents set and a nostalgia for an...

Looking for the Key

Published in Climber Magazine September 2017 I first heard of Sardine and Raven Tor when I was a teenager working in a gear shop. It was a cushy job. Once the floor was hoovered...


At Factor Two we love telling stories about climbing.

Every episode is a little piece of cinema for the ear. They take a deep dive into the stories, ideas, and people in our communities.

Whether you want to know what it’s like to climb The Nose on El Capitan in just Nine and a Half Hours, how flow states can be used to maximise your climbing performance, or if you want to hear the weird tale of one of the greatest climbing films ever made.

We also take on commissions – if you’ve got a story you’d love to tell or need help producing something that will blow people’s socks off get in touch.